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Lunch Menu (24th to 27th december)

menu del dia diurno chueca
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ONLY WORK DAYS (Monday to Friday) LUNCH TIME Entreé choice White beans stew w/ marinated ribs, sausages & crispy pig ear Seafood spaghetti with monk fish, mussels & shrimps Spinach salad w/ zucchini noodles, walnuts, dry tomatoes & fresh cheese ‘Salmorejo’ cold tomato soup with egg & Iberico ham   Main dish choice Chicken stew with almonds, saffron, yolk & french fries Butterfish tataki over jasmine rice & zucchini noodles   Dessert Lemon cream with fresh mint Fresh golden pineapple or watermelon cubes Grandma’s flan w/ strawberry & chocolate coulis Greek yogurt with raspberry & blueberry jam Custard with “María” cookies and cinnamon powder   PAN, BEBIDA Y POSTRES INCLUIDOS 12,50 IVA INCLUIDO

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